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How Should You Prepare For A Massage?

You can get the most out of a massage appointment by preparing your body and mind in advance. By setting the scene and relaxing, you can enhance the experience and receive all the benefits your massage has to offer! Here are five ways you can get ready for your mobile massage appointment.

Take A Hot Shower

One of the best ways to prepare for a massage is to take a hot shower. Not only does it feel better to get clean before an appointment, but it can also reduce your natural muscle tension. You may have to take a shower after to wash off any massage oils or gels, but a quick dose of hot water on your body will relax your muscles.



lmm hydrating massage blog body massageStaying hydrated before a massage is essential, especially if you’re taking a hot shower. Having enough water in your body can improve how you eliminate toxins that the massage treatment may release into the circulation. Don’t drink tea, coffee, alcohol, and other drinks with caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants. If you’re not much of a straight water person, herbal tea can be a great way to hydrate. It can also keep you relaxed before the massage!

Prepare Your Environment

One of the reasons a mobile massage treatment can be so rewarding is because you control the environment in which the massage takes place. Take advantage of the opportunity and get the room ready for relaxation. Choose the right music, set the lighting to your preferences, and – if you find aromatherapy relaxing – have the right scents on-hand.


Spend Some Time Relaxing

massageOnce you’ve prepared your environment for the massage, prepare your body and mind. Most clients want relaxation massages for – what else? – relaxing, but they can help the process by getting into the right headspace before their appointment. If you have booked an in-home massage appointment, try to reduce stress and expel negative thoughts before the massage begins. Enjoy a soothing herbal tea, meditate, and put your screens away at least an hour before the massage.

The more relaxed you are, the more prepared your body and mind will be to yield to the motions of your masseuse. When they shift your head, arms, or legs, you’ll be less likely to counter the movements.


Know What You Want

The best way to prepare for your massage is to know what you want out of the appointment. We will make sure to talk about your needs when setting up the appointment, but you can talk to us about your concerns any time before the massage. Communicate any expectations, preferences, and other aspects that can enhance the massage. If you want them to pay special attention to one part of your body or avoid another, let them know before they get to work.