Self-Care For The Holiday Season: Five Tips

self care

The holidays are for families, friends, and coming together in celebration. However, stress, busyness, and commercialism can cause much more stress and anxiety than happy feelings these days. If you’re dreading the weeks ahead, have no fear – here are five tips to help you practice a little self-care this holiday season!

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Deep Tissue Massage Certification: What Is Involved?


  Shirley, the massage specialist behind London Mobile Massage, is a Deep Tissue Massage Expert. Deep tissue massages affect more sensitive tissues and require more specialized knowledge, meaning the expert must have proper training before delivering this type of massage. What is involved in earning a certification in deep tissue massage?

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Why Do Muscles Get Tight And Sore?

Sore Muscles

Massages are a common tactic for relieving tight, sore muscles. What causes these problems in the first place? There are many answers to this question, the most common of which are overuse, neglect, injury, and stress. Soreness and tightness are different problems, however, and they often depend on the client! 

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How Should You Prepare For A Massage?

Copy of couples massages london massage massage

You can get the most out of a massage appointment by preparing your body and mind in advance. By setting the scene and relaxing, you can enhance the experience and receive all the benefits your massage has to offer! Here are five ways you can get ready for your mobile massage appointment.

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How Does A Couples Massage Work?

couples massages london massage 1 massage

Couples massages are one of London Mobile Massage’s most popular services, but we often get questions about how they work! We perform the massages back-to-back, with one person giving each member a massage one after the other. It’s a great way to add convenience to an appointment, feel more comfortable if it’s your first time,…

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5 Ways Seniors Benefit From A Regular Massage Appointment

seniors massage

Massages bring many benefits, and while the techniques used in geriatric massage (massage for seniors) are different, the desired results are the same. In fact, massages can help seniors in unique ways! Here are five benefits seniors can get from regular massage appointments.  

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