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5 Reasons To Use A Mobile Massage Service

One would think that massages and movement wouldn’t be two concepts that go together – but mobile massage has caught fire in recent years. Thanks ...
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What is Deep Tissue Massage Used For?

Deep tissue massage therapy isn’t simply a relaxation massage with harder pressure. With firm pressure and slow strokes, a deep tissue massage targets layers of ...
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self care

Self-Care For The Holiday Season: Five Tips

The holidays are for families, friends, and coming together in celebration. However, stress, busyness, and commercialism can cause much more stress and anxiety than happy ...
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shop local

GetintheLoop – Our Favourite Shop Local App!

Are you in the loop? If you're not, you should be! An app called GetintheLoop will let you in on some amazing deals and help ...
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Deep tissue

Does Deep Tissue Massage Hurt?

  A deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving the tension and pain surrounding many different conditions. But is this form of massage supposed to ...
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Fall self-care

8 Self-Care Tips For Fall

  Self-care can relieve built-up stress before it starts to overwhelm, exhaust, depress, or make us physically sick. Use these eight self-care tips to maintain ...
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Hot Stone Massage: 5 Reasons To Book One Today

In a hot stone massage, we use heated basalt stones to bring warmth to specific parts of your body. We combine this with relaxation massage ...
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Reflexology: How It Works

Reflexology can release stress when a specialist uses thumb and finger techniques on specific parts of the feet, hands, and ears. Many believe that this, ...
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Deep Tissue Massage Certification: What Is Involved?

  Shirley, the massage specialist behind London Mobile Massage, is a Deep Tissue Massage Expert. Deep tissue massages affect more sensitive tissues and require more ...
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massage therapy healing blog

Why You Should Avoid Massage Devices And Choose A Professional

  Many massage devices on the market promise to match the recovery, therapeutic, and relaxation benefits of professional massages. These marketing gimmicks might sound appealing ...
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