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Deep Tissue Massage Certification: What Is Involved?

  Shirley, the massage specialist behind London Mobile Massage, is a Deep Tissue Massage Expert. Deep tissue massages affect more sensitive tissues and require more ...
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Why You Should Avoid Massage Devices And Choose A Professional

  Many massage devices on the market promise to match the recovery, therapeutic, and relaxation benefits of professional massages. These marketing gimmicks might sound appealing ...
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How Massage Helps Mental Health

Many people battling mental health conditions try to find noninvasive treatments to accommodate those prescribed to them. There are many causes of mental health conditions, ...
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What’s The Difference Between Massage Services And Massage Guns?

  At the gym or on social media, you might see people using drill-like gadgets on their muscles. These are called massage guns, and they ...
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How Does A Deep Tissue Massage Help Loosen Muscles?

Many types of clients turn to massage appointments to find relief from their sore muscles. Injury, overuse, and poor posture are all culprits of muscle ...
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The Advantages Of Mobile Massage In Your Home

The home is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to get all the benefits of a good massage. It’s where most people are ...
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5 Posture Tips That Can Help You Feel Better

Are you looking to reduce everyday aches and pains? For many people, achy backs and joints come from improper posture. Good posture can reduce pain, ...
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Sore Muscles

Why Do Muscles Get Tight And Sore?

Massages are a common tactic for relieving tight, sore muscles. What causes these problems in the first place? There are many answers to this question, ...
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How Should You Prepare For A Massage?

You can get the most out of a massage appointment by preparing your body and mind in advance. By setting the scene and relaxing, you ...
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How Does A Couples Massage Work?

Couples massages are one of London Mobile Massage's most popular services, but we often get questions about how they work! We perform the massages back-to-back, ...
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