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How Does A Couples Massage Work?

Couples massages are one of London Mobile Massage’s most popular services, but we often get questions about how they work! We perform the massages back-to-back, with one person giving each member a massage one after the other. It’s a great way to add convenience to an appointment, feel more comfortable if it’s your first time, or let both members of a couple get the relaxation they need!


What Is A Couples Massage?

A couples massage is when two people get a massage in the same session. London Mobile Massage will perform the massages one after another, and you can decide the order in which you would 1704639 couples massagelike to get a massage.

Like an ordinary solo massage session, a couples massage can include aromatherapy, music, special lighting, etc. To prepare for a mobile couples massage, the first thing you should do is to make sure that the environment can be made comfortable for both members. If you both like whale sounds and soft candlelight, for instance, go for it; if one person loves lavender while the other can’t stand it, have scents and sounds ready so that you can reset the environment in a way that both members will enjoy.

When booking an appointment, couples can feel free to ask for different styles of massage, too. If one person wants to unwind, a relaxation massage would be enough; if the other person wants something more involved to treat achy muscles, they can request a deep tissue or hot stone massage instead of relaxation treatment. Back-to-back couples massages ensure that both people get the exact experience they want. 


The Advantages Of A Couples Massage

There are many advantages to getting a couples massage. One popular reason for booking this kind of appointment is for helping one member ease into regular massage treatments they need but may not feel comfortable with just yet. When they aren’t alone, many feel more at ease! 

couples massageAnother to relieve sore muscles after a grueling event often performed with a friend, such as a marathon or a heavy workout. This can help with the recovery, as massaging the muscles can flush out lactic acid build-up. Some people prefer making an appointment two to three days before a race to loosen up and feel more relaxed. If you’re doing an intense physical activity with a friend, a couples massage is a great way to bond before and after the grueling demands of the race!

One thing that makes a couples massage session more comfortable: not having to travel away from home for the appointment! It’s an ideal situation for couples with children; when they both want a massage but can’t leave home for an hour due to childcare, an in-home appointment is a perfect remedy. While one person is getting their massage, the other can watch the children!

Whatever your reasons for wanting a couples massage, book an in-home appointment with London Mobile Massage. It makes the process easier, more comfortable, and more relaxing for you and your partner or friend!