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Can A Massage Help With Frequent Migraines?

For those who suffer from migraines, the pain can be more than excruciating: it can disrupt their professional and personal lives. Whether a migraine hits every once in a while or with regularity, for many people, getting holistic relief is the number one priority.

Many of our clients find that relaxation massages performed in their homes are a trusted way to find relief from frequent migraines. While only a few studies have been conducted on how effective massage can be for this type of health problem, many have found massages to be good, non-intrusive ways for finding relief. It works for many clients of London Mobile Massage!


Are Massages Effective For Relieving Frequent Migraines?service img 06 migraine

Migraines result from a complex set of factors. The debilitating, throbbing pain or pulsing sensation can be caused by hormonal changes (especially in women), stress, strong sensory stimuli (bright lights, loud sounds, odours), physical exertion, and even changes in the weather. What’s frustrating for many people is that, because the causes are all different, finding relief that works is a challenge.

However, migraines are decreased and relieved by a range of interventions, too! For many people, massage is an effective way to find relief and regain strength. Some studies show that massage can reduce the frequency of migraines, while others reveal that a massage can reduce pain during an active migraine. It’s not just migraines: professional massage services can decrease the duration, intensity, and frequency of other types of headaches, too!


lmmt-neck-body-imageHow Massages Relieve Tension Headaches

Many people suffer from migraines; some people may think they are experiencing one, but in reality, are suffering from tension-type headaches. These are recurring feelings of tightening or pressure in the head that can last as little as minutes to as long as weeks. If your headaches are the result of stress and tension, massages are great for reducing relieving these feelings and the pain they cause! 

Many headache sufferers find that manual therapies such as massage offer relief from headache pain and related symptoms. Massages relaxtense muscles, relieves muscle spasms, and improves blood flow, all of which can help relieve the pain of tension headaches. A relaxation massage is especially good for stress-induced tightness and tender muscles, boosting blood flow to the head, neck, and shoulders.


Why In-Home Massages Can Be Extra Effective

When you’re suffering from migraines and their lingering effects, controlling your environment is essential. During an episode, you may not want to leave your home, expose yourself to light, or get off the couch. This is why in-home massages are the best option: a specialist comes to your home, wherein you can have complete control over the lights, sounds, and the room in which you get the service. In-home massage services will also prevent you from having to drive your vehicle through traffic in the middle of the day just to find some relief!

When migraines or tension headaches mean you don’t have it in you to leave the house, schedule an in-home massage with London Mobile Massage. A massage could be what helps you return to your normal routine!