Does Deep Tissue Massage Hurt?

Deep tissue

  A deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving the tension and pain surrounding many different conditions. But is this form of massage supposed to hurt? While they are more intense, deep tissue massages should never stray outside your comfort zone. Here’s what you can expect from your appointment and what to do if it…

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Can You Get A Massage When You’re Pregnant?

lmmmt pregnant

Being pregnant comes with a lot of aches and pains: lower back pain, heavy bellies, leg cramps, the list goes on and on. The soreness and stress lead many women to wonder if they can get a massage during their pregnancy. Don’t worry – the answer is yes! However, when it comes to prenatal massage,…

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How Long Should I Wait to Exercise After a Massage and Bodywork Session?

massage pregnant

Much like exercise, massage and bodywork are essential parts of many people’s health routines. Embracing the rejuvenation of massage and bodywork balances the exertion a body goes through during athletic activity. However, exercise mustn’t take place in the hours immediately following your LMM appointment!

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Can A Massage Help With Frequent Migraines?

LMMT relxation massage feature image pregnant

For those who suffer from migraines, the pain can be more than excruciating: it can disrupt their professional and personal lives. Whether a migraine hits every once in a while or with regularity, for many people, getting holistic relief is the number one priority. Many of our clients find that relaxation massages performed in their…

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