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Hot Stone Massage: 5 Reasons To Book One Today

In a hot stone massage, we use heated basalt stones to bring warmth to specific parts of your body. We combine this with relaxation massage techniques like long strokes, kneading, and rolling, and together, these methods deliver many incredible benefits! Here are five reasons why you’ll want to book a hot stone massage appointment today.

Hot Stone Massages Relieve Stress


Hot stone massageMost clients choose a hot stone massage appointment because it’s relaxing! The heat from the stones will soothe and comfort the client, relaxing the muscles and letting the massage expert use lower amounts of pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle. The heat, combined with massage techniques, can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, increase the production of endorphins, and effectively manage stress!


A Hot Stone Massage Can Improve Circulation


Hot stone massages are well-known for increasing blood flow and improving poor circulation. The heat and massage techniques can expand your blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to get to muscles; research suggests that this helps more toxins move out of the bloodstream. Together with a relaxed physical and mental state, you can leave the table feeling re-energized.


Hot Stone Massages Relieve Pain


Hot stone massageIt’s not just because they feel good – the heat in a hot stone massage serves a specific purpose. The stones relax deeper layers of tissue, and by working on both the superficial and deeper layers, the heat can improve the pain-relieving benefits of the massage. It also allows us to work through more layers of tissue without relying on higher pressure to get to them! 

Hot stone massages may have more specialized results than regular relaxation massage. Research shows that the heat may ease the tension and pain that results from autoimmune disorders in ways that an ordinary massage can’t, providing more relief to people with medical conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Hot Stone Massages Tackle Muscle Tension


There are many reasons for stiff, sore muscles: exercise routines, ageing, even spending hours at a desk sitting in improper positions. The muscle tension can be enough to make daily activities difficult or even impossible. It’s why many of our clients turn to mobile hot stone massages: the heat and massage techniques increase blood flow to affected areas, helping to ease muscle tension and the pain it causes. 

The heat may also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility and range of motion. While hot stones may reduce muscle spasms, cold stones can relieve inflammation. Depending on the reason for your appointment, alternating between temperatures can maximize the effectiveness of the massage.


Hot Stone Massages Promote Better Sleep


You might notice that, after your hot stone massage, you experienced a better night’s sleep! The enhanced circulation and muscle relaxation can have a sedative effect, which may improve your sleep. Many clients find that hot stone massages enhance their comfort level before bedtime, reduce sleep disturbances, and improve the quality of rest.

Whether for pain, muscle tension, circulation, stress relief, or sleep, you can trust hot stone massage to provide many benefits. If you’re ready to feel them for yourself, contact London Mobile Massage today!