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GetintheLoop – Our Favourite Shop Local App!

Are you in the loop? If you’re not, you should be! An app called GetintheLoop will let you in on some amazing deals and help you support local businesses. London Mobile Massage is on it, and we’re excited to meet you there. Here’s why it’s our favourite “shop local” app!

What Is GetintheLoop?


shop local is an app for people who are dedicated to shopping locally. Since 2013, it has been helping businesses connect with consumers who want to explore and discover local options, no matter where they are! 

It’s also a way of empowering small businesses with new tools. By letting restaurants, retail outfits, and event hosts provide real-time mobile offers, GetintheLoop helps people find and discover experiences, offers and prizes, making shopping local both easy and rewarding!

Since it was founded, GetintheLoop has launched nationwide, providing people in every province with more than 4000 local offers from a wide selection of brands. It’s making GetintheLoop the leading local offers platform in Canada, and at London Mobile Massage, we’re excited to be on it. 

You should join us! It’s not just a local advertising platform – you can take advantage of some great deals. 


What Can You Find From London Mobile Massage On GetintheLoop?


local When you get in the loop, you can save money – including on London Mobile Massage services! Until December 1, 2021, you can save $15 off any service! Enjoy a deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, relaxation massage, reflexology, or couples massage. Book online through GetintheLoop and enter the offer code to save! One per customer. Please call or visit us in-location for more details.

Stay on the lookout for more deals in 2022 and use GetintheLoop to find great small businesses in the London area!


Why Choose Local?


Choosing local is simple: businesses owned by people living in your area are a cornerstone for any vibrant community. It’s true of any location around the world and it’s true for London. We’re always glad to help a local client relax, get the therapeutic assistance they need and feel more comfortable by providing massage services they can enjoy in their homes. GetintheLoop makes this easier – and both us and our clients benefit!

It helps that GetintheLoop is an app aligned with our values. We both are inspired by and committed to the idea of supporting local organizations, no matter where you are. GetintheLoop takes a lot of pride in helping businesses like ours market with ease, efficiency, and fewer costs! 

London Mobile Massage is one of over 2 million small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. It’s a big, big market, one that – even in 2021 – is underserved by innovative technology. We want to adapt to new technologies and reach more modern consumers, and GetintheLoop helps!