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Why You Should Avoid Massage Devices And Choose A Professional


Many massage devices on the market promise to match the recovery, therapeutic, and relaxation benefits of professional massages. These marketing gimmicks might sound appealing – a massage you can take to the gym sounds great! – but none of the tools can deliver the benefits or degree of the help of an expert massage. Here’s why you should avoid massage devices and choose a professional!


Massage Devices Have A High Degree Of User Error


london mobile massage foot massage blog body massage devicesA tool is only as good as its user. Unless you’re a professional, there’s always a chance that you could use a device like a percussion gun incorrectly or on an area that is experiencing referred pain, which is pain felt in a different part from where the injury is. You could be completely missing the part that actually needs recovery! Once you get into an incorrect habit, you could continue using the device incorrectly and never get the help your body needs.

Massage professionals know the human body well. They know not just the areas to target but the depth of the tissue that needs manipulation. They can customize their movements to give clients a tailored treatment based on their exact needs. An expert can also advise you appropriately on what you should do to avoid exacerbating problems – not something you’ll get from a tool.


Massage Devices Are Incapable Of Meeting Certain Health Needs


Tools like percussion massage guns are popular in gyms because of their reputation for localized pain relief. Others, like massage chairs, come with features that prod, squeeze, and knead the muscles in a promise of “full-body benefits.” However, there are always parts that a chair can’t quite reach, and they can’t relieve pain caused by inflammatory or chronic illnesses.

The coverage of a professional massage doesn’t have these limitations. Experts can offer full-body massage coverage front and back of your body from head to toe. If you have a small area on the side of your neck that’s causing you pain, a massage therapist can easily reach it and treat it. The spot may be out of reach from your massage chair and unsuitable for the device.


Devices Can Make Things Worse


When used on injuries, massage devices can only make situations worse. If you have any strains, sprains, broken bones, or swelling, the device can damage the injured tissue further, increase the swelling rate, and delay healing time. On top of all this, you will feel a lot more pain!

As we’ve already discussed, massage professionals know the human body and what causes pain. They attend to the needs of their clients with proper training, and as such, can avoid certain areas or manipulate them with the right amount of pressure.


Massage Devices Don’t Come With Whole Body Benefits


london mobile massage hot stone massage blog body1 massage devicesEven if you’re unconvinced by the preceding reasons, everyone can admit the one thing a device can’t replicate about professional massages: the mental and emotional benefits. A massage professional takes the time to set up a complete environment to the client’s liking. They can use aromatherapy, dimmed lights, and soft music takes your massage to another level. These atmospheric additions can improve the results of your massage session.

Expert massages bring relaxation, stress relief, and all the wellness side effects associated with them. They can help alleviate depressive symptoms and stress hormones while also having a positive impact on health functions like immunity and blood pressure.

It’s something no tool can replicate by manipulating muscle tissues. Professional massage comes with compassion, connection, and a human touch many studies find very beneficial. It’s how the benefits go far beyond the session itself – you can feel the advantages of a professional massage for many days after your appointment!