Fall self-care

8 Self-Care Tips For Fall


Self-care can relieve built-up stress before it starts to overwhelm, exhaust, depress, or make us physically sick. Use these eight self-care tips to maintain your physical and mental well-being as we transition from summer into cooler weather.

Create A Wellness Routine


One staple of almost every self-care routine is exercise. Most people feel better when they get a chance to stretch their muscles and get their heart rate going. Combined with a balanced diet, you’ll feel more energy and better prepared as the days get shorter. 

Wellness isn’t all healthy eating and regular exercise; the health benefits of relaxation can fit into your fall routine, too. Regular mobile massage services can meet you at your home, removing the stress from travelling to your massage appointment and helping you feel more at ease during the fall months. 


Make A Point To Get Outside


London mobile massage – fall self care – body blog Self-careWeather in the fall – when a chilly crispness in the air replaces the summer’s often oppressive humidity – can be an excellent tonic for mental health. However, the days begin getting shorter, so make it a priority to go outside during the day. Whether for a walk, a run, or just sitting in your favourite chair with a good book, the fall air can do you a lot of good.

You can use the time to get in touch with the creative, fun-loving parts of yourself and make plans to do some fun Autumn activities. Perhaps think about what was fun for you as a child. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Savour Warm Seasonal Beverages


Whatever your tastes, take a moment to enjoy the flavours of the season. It could be tea, coffee, cider, cocoa, or even a Pumpkin Spice Latte (it’s OK to admit you like them!) – no matter what, the sensation of holding a warm cup in your hands on a cold morning can feel very soothing. Slow down, put away your screens, and savour both the drink and the time you get to enjoy it. 


Reach Out To Loved Ones


London mobile massage – fall self care friends – blog body Self-careThere’s nothing seasonal about this tip, but with a new, cozy season ahead, why not fill it with all the blessings in your life? Relationships, whether it’s family or friends, keep us grounded and reduce social loneliness. Text, talk on the phone, video chat, or arrange to get out of town for a (safe) weekend together. 


Set Up Healthy Boundaries


Like it or not, fall is the beginning of the busiest time of the year: the holiday season. You may find yourself sorting through many party invitations, expectations, and traditions. It’s healthy to protect your mental health by saying no to anything – be they people or parties – that doesn’t get you feeling excited! Use the autumn season to recognize that you can’t do everything. 


De-Clutter Your Space


Though the colder weather can be a welcome respite from summer, it’s still crisp, meaning you’ll find yourself indoors more. Take the time to clear the clutter and organize your home to make the interior a calming, inviting place to spend the chillier days.


Make Time To Do What You Love To Do!


Much about self-care is about doing what you like to do. Prefer binging a Netflix series to reading on the weekend? There’s no shame in it! While it’s always good to broaden your horizons, going back to old stand-bys can be a great way to feel better when the weather or the busyness bring you down.