5 Reasons To Use A Mobile Massage Service


One would think that massages and movement wouldn’t be two concepts that go together – but mobile massage has caught fire in recent years. Thanks to increasing demand and awareness of its benefits, massage treatments are now more widely available than ever. Why should you give mobile massage services a try? Read on to discover…

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Does Deep Tissue Massage Hurt?

Deep tissue

  A deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving the tension and pain surrounding many different conditions. But is this form of massage supposed to hurt? While they are more intense, deep tissue massages should never stray outside your comfort zone. Here’s what you can expect from your appointment and what to do if it…

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Hot Stone Massage: 5 Reasons To Book One Today

hot stone massages 1 hot stone

In a hot stone massage, we use heated basalt stones to bring warmth to specific parts of your body. We combine this with relaxation massage techniques like long strokes, kneading, and rolling, and together, these methods deliver many incredible benefits! Here are five reasons why you’ll want to book a hot stone massage appointment today.

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Reflexology: How It Works


Reflexology can release stress when a specialist uses thumb and finger techniques on specific parts of the feet, hands, and ears. Many believe that this, in turn, helps the body heal and regenerate itself. How does this work? The theory behind it is that the feet, hands, and ears connect to the rest of the…

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The Advantages Of Mobile Massage In Your Home

london mobile massage massage appointment feature image hot stone

The home is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to get all the benefits of a good massage. It’s where most people are at their most comfortable, and not having to leave the house to meet up with a masseuse is always preferred. But there are more reasons that, when you need relaxation,…

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5 Ways Seniors Benefit From A Regular Massage Appointment

seniors massage

Massages bring many benefits, and while the techniques used in geriatric massage (massage for seniors) are different, the desired results are the same. In fact, massages can help seniors in unique ways! Here are five benefits seniors can get from regular massage appointments.  

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