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Top Five Benefits of Mobile Massage

Massages work on muscle tissue to reduce pain, tension, and stress while improving mobility and quality of life. However, trying to find the time to make an appointment can add unnecessary stress! 

Mobile massage solves this problem by bringing the massage to you, along with many more benefits for people of all needs here in London. Here are five of them!


It takes the benefits of a massage to a place where you’re most comfortable.

The biggest benefit of in-home massage is that the client stays at home! This makes the treatment more comfortable, and one can avoid the stresses of traveling to and from a spa or clinic to get their much-needed treatment. There’s no need to bother with everything that makes leaving the home a hassle – traffic, gas, heavy boots in winter, etc. This maximizes the relaxation and pain-relieving benefits and helps clients feel better for longer!

But the greatest benefit of all may be the ability to have your treatment at home if you can’t travel to a clinic or lack the mobility to leave your home.


It’s perfect for those with mobility issues.


Many physical and cognitive disabilities prevent people from getting the massage they need. This includes arthritis, spinal cord injury, cancer, depression, autism, severe attention deficit disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Mobile massage is the perfect solution for clients with these and other disabilities that affect their ability to leave home. This way, they can find stress relief, alleviation from pain, and improved range of motion.



Mobile massage works around your timetable.

Many people put off getting the help they need because they feel they’re too busy. Putting off the pain relief and stress reduction of a massage can just make the problems worse! With London Mobile Massage, a registered deep tissue massage expert will come at a time you decide.


It releases stress from poor posture.lmmt-neck-body-image

If you work a standard 9 to 5 job, there’s a good chance you spend your day hunched over a desk looking at a computer screen. Long periods in this position can cause harmful stress on your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Having a massage come to you just a few times per month will let these stiff muscles relax, removing the tension in the back, shoulders, and neck and reducing long-term problems. If it’s acceptable in your workplace, we can even meet you in your office!


Massages improve sleep!

There are few places where people feel more comfortable than in their homes, and when getting a relaxing massage, the environment needs to be as relaxing as possible. With mobile massage, the client feels more well-rested, a great benefit for those having difficulty staying or falling asleep. It’s a treatment that could replace other pain-relieving measures, too! Remember, talk to your doctor before changing any prescribed medication.